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Mr. Shireesh K. Sharma is currently the Managing Director and CEO of Celebrations!, a World Tourism Consultancy firm, specializing in destination marketing and strategic planning, providing counseling and representation services.

Shireesh is truly a man of the world. Born in Rajasthan, India, he began his career in the tourism industry as a tour guide while studying at the University of Udaipur. After completing his Masters in Political Science, he began his career in an executive position with a British company, followed by working in hospitality marketing with a leading international hotel chain. In 1983, Shireesh moved to the United States where for three decades he has marketed global destinations.

In addition to having extensively traveled the world and being a globally networked professional, Shireesh is an avid tennis player, gourmet cook, a theater artist and has recently ventured into film industry. With two theatrical releases to his credit in India, he is also pursuing his passion for acting in Hollywood.

Executive summary

Mr. Sharma has pioneered the concept of expertise exchange™ where knowledge is used as assets to help bridge the gap between knowing and doing. He has three decades experience with him in the fields of travel, tourism and hospitality industries, both public and private sectors. His extensive international travels, coupled to perceptive understanding with sensitivity towards global cultures, brings upon a unique advantage to his clients in business development. A strategic thinker, he possesses expertise in the areas of strategic planning, strategic marketing, strategic partnerships, economic development, tour packaging, operations and marketing, as well as implementation of special incentive tourism projects.

Mr Sharma is responsible for the inception of the first tourism department in a county government in Washington State. He has received awards for "Excellence in Tourism," and was appointed to the United States White House Conference on Travel & Tourism and Washington State Tourism Advisory Council. He has served on various Boards and Committees at local, state and international levels, such as Economic Development Councils and the International Association of Convention and Visitors Bureau (IACVB).

Mr. Sharma has lived in Asia, the United Kingdom and the United States, and has traveled extensively throughout the Orient, Asia, Pacific-Rim, North Africa, Europe and the Americas. Besides his publications in the Reader's Digest, Essentially America (a U.K. consumer publication) and Consultants Report International, he is referred in the Los Angeles Times, Recommend, Conde Nast Traveler, International Travel News, The Daily News and The Oregonian.

Mr. Sharma has excellent understanding of cyberspace, B2B/C concepts and Internet business development. A unique combination of soft skills and high-tech world, he is a proven CRM professional. He is an established industry key player. He has defined vision and mission to initiate and lead innovative marketing drives. He is extremely deft at identifying products, resources and building brand identities.

Hobbies and Passion...
Shireesh has earned the reputation of a gourmet chef around the world. It is pure passion that he has shared with his friends in Argentina, Israel, New Zealand, Germany, England, USA, Canada, Poland, Croatia, India, China and Sri Lanka.
He says "I am a chef on call who brings his own spices to your kitchen"! He is an ardent antique collector that has made his living room resemble a museum!  He is a serious motorcycle rider and has many long trips to his credit with Leh and Lhasa on his pending list. Shireesh is planning to secure his pilot's license and fly solo across the Atlantic.

Shireesh Sharma
Shireesh Sharma